Creating Community during Covid
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Together and Connected: Creating Community during COVID
September 23, 2020

Your JUF update

During these uncertain times, it's more important than ever to come together as a community. With this email, we hope to provide you with resources, moral support and other ways to adjust to this temporary “new normal.”  

Visit our JUF Coronavirus Community Resource Page where you’ll find links to more resources, info on JUF initiatives and ways to help or donate. And be sure to check JUF's Facebook page for daily updates.


Mazel tov to Jewish Federation Annual Meeting award winners

Meet the honorees from the Jewish Federation’s Annual Meeting – Michael H. Zaransky, winner of the Julius Rosenwald Memorial Award; Katie Berger, winner of the Davis, Gidwitz & Glasser Young Leadership Award; and Emily White and Elyse Saretsky, winners of the Samuel A. Goldsmith Young Professional Award. 


Find your next binge-worthy Jewish shows & books

Now that the Emmys are over, check out the winners of the Almas, awards for Jewish media of all types, to find your newest binge-worthy show, can’t-put-down book, favorite website, and more. 


Schitt's Creek makes Jewish Emmy history

Schitt's Creek made history by sweeping every comedy award at this year's Emmy's, and co-creator Dan Levy won an additional four awards. Learn more about the popular comedy and other Jewish shows and moments at this year's Emmy's.


Maccabeats rock a hopeful look at 5781

Jewish a capella group The Maccabeats released a new version of Rosh Hashanah tune “Bashana Haba’a” (Hebrew for “in the next year”) for this year’s unusual High Holiday celebration. 


The history of Hebrew hitters

John Thorn, the Jewish historian of Major League Baseball, offers a look at Jews in baseball over the years and a reflection on this year’s unique season.


A moment of reflection with Rabbi Levi Mostofsky

During the 10 days of repentance between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, we focus on introspection and self-reflection. This process culminates in the Viduy (confession) on Yom Kippur, enumerating what we have not done right in the past year, and beseeching atonement.   

Rav Avraham Yitzchak Kook noted that the term “viduy” also describes the text recited bringing tithes to Jerusalem, enumerating the accomplishments involved in fulfilling this obligation. Honest introspection includes appreciating the good, along with the less good.   

Despite all the challenges, look how much good we have accomplished, the acts of chesed (lovingkindness) by our friends and our community, and how much incredible potential we have for the coming year!  

Rabbi Levi Mostofsky  

Executive Director, Chicago Rabbinical Council 


For additional resources and information, please go to the JUF Coronavirus Community Resource page and check JUF's Facebook page for daily updates.

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