Creating Community during Covid
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Together and Connected: Creating Community during COVID
December 16, 2020

Your JUF update

During these uncertain times, it's more important than ever to come together as a community. With this email, we hope to provide you with resources, moral support and other ways to adjust to this temporary “new normal.”  

Visit our JUF Coronavirus Community Resource Page where you’ll find links to more resources, info on JUF initiatives and ways to help or donate. And be sure to check JUF's Facebook page for daily updates.

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Bring the light of Chanukah to your computer screen

Download one of our 8 fun & festive backgrounds and conclude your holiday in style.

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Celebrate this year's 18 Under 18 nominees!

This year’s 18 Under 18 nomination period closed with the largest volume of nominations in our five years – 117 amazing teens! We are thrilled that there are so many teen leaders and changemakers in the community. Join us via Springboard’s Facebook livestream on December 20th from 5:00-5:30pm to celebrate together.


Prepare for Jewish moments at the upcoming GRAMMYs

From the Haim sisters to the West End production of The Prince of Egypt, get to know all the Jewish nominees for the GRAMMYs before the big day! 

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12 can't-miss dessert latke recipes

Are you looking for something new to spice up your traditional latke recipes? Check out Jewish Boston’s roundup of dessert latkes for some fun and fresh ideas for the tail end of Chanukah.

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Watch Daveed Diggs' new hit Chanukah song

Dance to a new jam this Chanukah from Daveed Diggs, former star of Hamilton, and stay until the song’s end for a special canine surprise! (Photo courtesy of YouTube.)


A moment of reflection with Rabbi Aaron Melman

The scholar Hillel held that we should light an additional light each night of Chanukah because we want light and holiness to increase. The challenge is to continue bringing light and holiness into the world even after we cease lighting our Chanukiah at the end of the festival, when the darkness can seem even darker. This year, the night after the first night of Chanukah was Shabbat. Just when we might have been tempted to feel overwhelmed by the darkness, Shabbat reminded us that there is always light. This is the hope that we need to carry us through. The darkness is never all-encompassing—there is always more light waiting for us.  

Rabbi Aaron Melman  

Congregation Beth Shalom


For additional resources and information, please go to the JUF Coronavirus Community Resource page and check JUF's Facebook page for daily updates.

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