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June 30, 2021

Your JUF monthly update

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Pursuing Pride past June

As Pride Month comes to an end, here are two ways to support the LGBTQ community in the year ahead: read Kveller’s best Jewish LGBTQ books for kids and follow Jewish LGBTQ activists on social media.


Jamie Lee Curtis' latest Jewish project

Actress and Jewish mom Jamie Lee Curtis spoke with Kveller about restoring her grandparents’ synagogue in Mateszalka, Hungary. 


An "American Ninja Warrior" first: an Orthodox Jewish mom

Liba Yoffe, a mother of four, is competing in American Ninja Warrior. Check out her submission video and story and stay tuned for more!


Finding post-pandemic fun in Chicago

Delve into WTTW’s guide to Chicago summer festivals you shouldn’t miss!


1 man. 42 Jewish delis. 1 important issue

Follow along with the Great American Deli Schlep, where motorcyclist Steve Goode plans to visit 42 Jewish delis throughout the continental US to raise awareness about hunger. 


A moment of reflection with Rabbi Jason Fenster

Through the merit of those who sustain the poor, the masses are saved from plagues. Also in their merit, an attitude of abundance triumphs over an attitude of scarcity. (Sefer haMiddot 2:5) 

As we as individuals and communities continue to emerge from these many months of plague, of isolation, and of hardship, let us remember our sacred task. When we care for all of those around us, when we notice suffering and commit to being emissaries of goodness, blessing, and wholeness, just imagine what we can accomplish. When we see the world through a lens of abundance, when we see all that our gifts of time, talent, and treasure might do, we can literally save the lives of people and change the world. 

Rabbi Jason Fenster, Congregation BJBE 


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