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August 25, 2021

Your JUF monthly update

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Connect with the community at the Jewish Federation Annual Meeting

Join us on Tuesday, September 14th as we elect our new board slate, acknowledge our outgoing board, honor this year's award recipients, and hear from JUF President Lonnie Nasatir. Click here to register now!


Ravenous for Rosh Hashanah recipes?

Not sure what to cook for this year’s High Holidays? Check out the New York Times’ compilation of the best Rosh Hashanah recipes to get started.


Jewish Emmy nominees to root for

Prepare for this year’s Emmys by getting to know all the Jewish nominees for comedies, dramas, and more!


Get to know Jewish comedian, actress, and Emmy nominee Hannah Einbinder

Hacks co-star Hannah Einbinder dishes about her career, Jewish identity, and more in this new interview.


Battling the back-to-school blues

Going back to school in the “new normal” may feel anything but normal. Check here for tips about how to emotionally prepare your children.


A moment of reflection with Rabbi Jessica Lott

The month of Elul is time for 30 days of spiritual preparation as we lead up to the intense period of the High Holidays. A commentary on the Song of Songs notes that the letters ELUL are an acronym for the famous verse: "Ani L'Dodi Ve'Dodi Li" “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” The work of taking stock of who you have been, including your mistakes and your triumphs, is deeply connected to love. When we have love in relationships and communities, we can take the risk of being honest and reflective, and become our best selves.  

Jessica Lott, Campus Rabbi, Northwestern Hillel


For additional resources and information, please go to the JUF Coronavirus Community Resource page and check JUF's Facebook page for daily updates.

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