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JUF Link
Tuesday, August 29, 2017  

In this Issue:

• News, Views and Analysis

• The Top 3 Tools for Pro-Israel Advocates on Campus


JUF Link presents news and analysis concerning the delegitimization and demonization of Israel and the Jewish people through BDS, anti-normalization and related activities.

Exposing the linkages between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism, JUF Link shows JUF/Federation and its partners' impact in defeating anti-Israel and anti-Jewish forces.


JUF's Israel Education Center has launched the Lexicon, an encyclopedia of Israel-related terminology commonly used on campus and in the community.
Check it out here.


News, Views and Analysis

The Queens Museum, reversing an earlier decision, will host an event November 29 celebrating the 70th anniversary of the UN's 1947 vote for the establishment of the State of Israel.

Billy Joel wore a yellow Star of David on his jacket in solidarity with the Jewish community during his monthly show at Madison Square Garden. MTV host Nev Schulman and musician Jack Antonoff followed in Joel's footsteps and wore Magen Davids to the VMAs.

University of Chicago president Robert J. Zimmer released a statement last week distancing the events in Charlottesville from U-Chicago's advocacy for freedom of expression.

In an analogy widely condemned by Israelis and American Jewish groups, the infamous Richard Spencer compared Zionism to white nationalism and urged Israelis to overlook the alt-right's anti-Semitism during an interview with Israel's Channel 2. 

BDS activist and Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters alluded that there is a media conspiracy to silence him and his anti-Israel attitudes.

The organizers of the March for Racial Justice have apologized for scheduling the DC rally on Yom Kippur and excluding Jews.

San Francisco State University has asked a federal judge to dismiss the case accusing the university of fostering anti-Semitism.

Brandeis University closed its campus last Wednesday due to an unspecified email threat.

A Berlin university has filed a criminal complaint against BDS activists who disrupted speeches by a Holocaust survivor and a Knesset member.

Israel's envoy to the UN says the Human Rights Commission is the world's "most senior BDS activist."

Seventy-eight percent of British Jews feel intimidated by the tactics used by BDS activists.

The man who drew swastikas on Loop Synagogue pled guilty and was ordered to pay restitution and seek treatment for schizophrenia. 

Rapper Jay-Z defended lyrics from a new song that were criticized for being anti-Semitic. 

Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Steve Bannon were invited by a student organization to speak at UC Berkeley this fall. The university is known as the birthplace of the free-speech movement on college campuses, and in recent months, has seen violence erupt over speakers slated to appear there, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The Top 3 Tools for Pro-Israel Advocates on Campus

JUF's Israel Education Center (IEC) supports students and Hillel professionals on 26 campuses across the Midwest in all aspects of Israel engagement, from leadership training to in-person support during BDS campaigns.

As Jewish students return to campus for the 2017-2018 academic year, here are IEC's top 3 resources for pro-Israel advocates on campus. 

1. The Lexicon
Do you know who Abu Mazen is? Wondering why the words "borders" and "settlements" are so loaded? IEC's Lexicon clarifies the vocabulary around Israel on campus. Understanding the language in the context of campus is a key step toward meaningful, authentic conversation. Entries are cross-referenced, cited, and are constantly being updated.

2. The Playbook
Need guidance on how to tackle Apartheid Week or divestment campaigns? Want advice on social media strategy and building relationships as a pro-Israel student? The Playbook is a comprehensive guide on advocating for and defending Israel, Zionism, and the Jewish people on hostile campuses.

3. Utilize Conference and Travel Opportunities
Conferences and trips sponsored by Israel-related organizations provide a unique way to learn about Israel and the Israel-U.S. relationship in depth with like-minded peers from across the country. Check out IEC's full list of opportunities here.

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